NetSuite Modules

ServiceSuite for NetSuite

An intuitive add on for your Field Servicing requirements. Delivered as both a Desktop Manager Application (for your Service Manager) and Mobile Option (for field use), ServiceSuite is developed directly inside NetSuite. Your service personnel can nopw take the ERP system on the road for real time service scheduling, update and field transaction support.

NotificationSuite for NetSuite

Currently, NetSuite only support notification of limited events and only to the Primary Contact of an organisation. NotificationSuite allows for powerful, customisable event and state notifications within your NetSuite account and to multiple individuals or companies. The suite supports most transactional events as well as debtor aging notifications, Single and consolidated statement runs and much, much more.

True Demand Planning

The True Demand Planning module offers accurate planning of Item Demand, based upon actual usage. Customer demand is calculated across locations, aassemblies and creates a running picture of what you need and when, proposing Purchase Orders and offering you a JIT purchase and Production schedule for lean operation.

Predictive and JIT Production Forecasting

True Predictive Production Forecasting works in concert with NetSuite/JCurve Light manufacturing functionality, generating an accutate forecast of Work Orders or Production Builds.

Order Management & Forecasting

Available as an Advanced extension to True Predictive Production Forecasting our Order Management add-on alows your customers to create their own orders based on predictive requiements generated by Production Forecasting. Your B2B customers can have their order generated for them to approve or your outbound sales team can offer intuitive order suggestions based upon usage and sales trends, all in a beautiful HTML5 single view application.

Fulfilment & Billing Manager for NetSuite

Monitor an Control Fulfilment and Invoicing Processes in Harmony. When using Pick, Pack & Ship it is impossible for warehouse staff to ship goods that have not yet been invoiced.

Fulfilment Driven Revenue Recognition for NetSuite

increase the accuracy of financial accounts, by forcing income from sales orders to be recognised only once that income has been earned through the fulfillment process. In other words, unearned income is not included in the profit and loss statement of the company.

PDF Printing Services for NetSuite

Leverage NetSuite’s PDF Printing Backbone BFO with our fully customisable print service. Now your printed (PDF) stationery can look exactly as you desire. Our module supports all that NetSuite standard print forms can offer as well as structured, re-usable CMS features that leverage printable elements you define once. The service allows for attachment, printing and submission of documents and is delivered as a service for real integration power.

Item Revision Suite for NetSuite

The ItemRevision Suite is designed for use with NetSuite’s Downloadable Files Module and manages the change control process. The module supports notifications and fully CSS Customisable AJAX/SSP Customer Centre Download Item browser service.

File Revision Suite for NetSuite

Designed for use with NetSuite’s Downloadable FIles Module ItemResivion Suite addresses the change control process. When files are revised, replaced or deprecated by you, users are notified of the action and given the opportunity to download or purchase a replacement file

WebForm+ for NetSuite

Powerful Form Integration The WebForm for NetSuite module allows for powerful, extensible mapping of your external (non-NetSuite) Web Contact Pages to post the collected data directly into your NetSuite Account, with full duplication and workflow support

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